Income tax pay and file 2009

The deadline for filing 2008 income tax returns for self-employed and directors is 31st October 2009. This deadline is extended to Monday 16th November for those filing using the Revenue Online filing System.

Tax relief is available for 2008 for pension contributions paid by 31st October 2009. In certain circumstances this payment deadline may be further extended (to 16th November if filing and paying under ROS and to 31st December 2009 if retiring).

The income levy must be taken into account when calculating preliminary tax due for 2009.

Interest paid on residential loans is now capped at 75% for income tax relief.

Where employers are awaiting a redundancy rebate, the amount due may in certain circumstances be offset against tax due.

Please contact Declan Long or Sinead Murphy for assistance with completing your income tax return in time for the filing date.