PRSI and the Health Levy

A brief guide to PRSI and the Heath Levy PRSI PRSI stands for “pay related social insurance” and it is a charge towards the cost of social insurance benefits & pensions such as, unemployment benefit, maternity benefit, old age pension, etc.  PRSI is payable by both employees and self employed individuals aged between 16 & 66 with income over certain limits. PRSI is broken down into two separate groups – […]

Self-employed or employee?

“It is Revenue’s position that locums are engaged under a contract of service (i.e. that they are employees) and that their remuneration comes within the scope of PAYE”. This statement was contained in letters sent to GPs in the South-West Region in the last month. However, Revenue approach to this isue has varied from district to district. This situation is unhelpful, as in addition to the PRSI cost of 10.75% […]