CloudAccounting Systems

Artificial intelligence is being increasingly discussed and will gradually replace some lower level tasks that are currently performed by humans. We can already see examples of machine learning in software such as Receipt Bank and Auto Entry, where the software can be trained to automatically process scanned or downloaded documents into the correct business ledger accounts.

Furthermore, regular bookkeeping chores are being made more intuitive by software such as Quickbooks and Xero. These packages, and other similar ones, are “Cloud” based and have advantages such as automatic updating of versions and sharing of data in a controlled manner, such as with external advisors and staff working from home. Bank feeds can be automatically downloaded.

My using such software, businesses can become more self-reliant for routine bookkeeping tasks. We can provide the training and ongoing support that is needed to ensure that the software is being used correctly.

For these popular packages, there are hundreds of “add-ons” for specific requirements and for specific types of business. We can help owners/directors to identify and select software to suit their business requirements.